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LAVES CHEMIE Consulting is updating its worldwide market study on thermal paper and its raw materials. The previous edition was published in September 2020.

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Title: Thermal Paper  2021 - 2026   14th Edition

Date of Completion: July 2022

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Table of contents:



The Manufacturers
Brief company profile of integrated manufacturers (base paper + coating)
and non-integrated manufacturers (coating)

Production Capacities
Global production capacities by geographic area  2020 - 2022

Production capacities by company 

- Europe  Germany, Finland, France, Spain, UK, Russia
- Americas  USA, Brazil, Mexico
- Asia  Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, India, Iran, Taiwan

Production, Consumption
- Global production by geographic area  2019 – 2021
- Production - Exports - Imports - Consumption  2021

- Global consumption by geographic area  2019–2021–2026
- Breakdown by grade / application and  2021 – 2026
geographic area

Technology and Raw Materials
Manufacturers: Proprietary versus licensed technology

Raw materials suppliers and consumption, price
- Colour formers
- Developers
- Sensitizers
- Stabilizers
- Other

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